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AUC's Divescapes 2024 
& Beyond  !
2024 in Calgary                              2026 in Edmonton

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About The AUC's 
 Divescapes '


Divescapes Scuba Conference .......

Not just a scuba convention, past years have attracted many local, regional

& international 

underwater enthusiasts.

​                 Featuring our great Local Dive Shops


                           Dive Travel Specialists

                           Dive Charter Operators

                             Exotic tourism boards

                        Commercial Dive Schools

                          Local Environmental Groups

Parks Canada

   and many more.

Whether you’re a diver, snorkeler 

or just curious, come on out

- we’ve got you covered!


With world class presenters, exhibitors, workshops, silent auction & additional prizes for the benefit & enjoyment of Alberta's

(& beyond) scuba divers and attendees.


Thanks to Edmonton's Divescapes'22 Scuba Conference volunteers! 


Look forward to another amazing Divescapes 2024 in Calgary, AB for your scuba enlightenment, education & enjoyment.

Divescapes' Mandate

Divescapes Scuba Conference's mandate:

-Promote safe & environmentally responsible diving

and provide all participants with the opportunity to:

-partner with scuba industry organizations 

-develop a network of resources for underwater sports & scuba diving in Alberta, in Canada & around the world.

About the AUC


The Alberta Underwater Council is the non profit representative body for underwater activities in the province of Alberta since 1960. These underwater activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, free diving and underwater sports such as underwater hockey.


Our mission statement: The AUC represents & encourages responsible participation in and an awareness of the many underwater activities available in Alberta while seeking to preserve the aquatic environment.


Thanks for  helping us celebrate AUC's landmark 60th Anniversary and Divescapes' 25th Anniversary (in 2020) delayed by two years due to Covid.

Here are just a few of the AUC’s important programs:

  • Discover Scuba Experience Program for Youths & Schools Groups

  • Intro to Underwater Hockey Sessions

  • Discover Local Diving at AUC’s Annual Dive Alberta Events & Lake Cleanups!!

  • Dive Safety, Education & Environmental Awareness

  • AUC’s Divescapes Scuba Conference & Exhibition - celebrating 25 years of AUC volunteers organizing this amazing scuba show!! 



Please contact Cathie at the AUC Office during regular business hours or send an email to


Alberta Underwater Council
11759 Groat Road, (2nd Floor, Percy Page Centre)
Edmonton, AB Canada T5M 3K6
Office Hrs: TWT, 10am-3pm
Ph: 780-427-9125
Toll Free: 1-888-307-8566


Divescapes logo (2).jpg
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AUC's Volunteer

Terina Hancock

President, AUC

Dan Ermel

Vice-President, AUC

Cathie McCuaig

Executive Director, AUC

Burc Gunes

Board Member, AUC

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